Wena’s Special Chicharon, One of Cebu’s Specialties: A Review

I’ve been here in Cebu for quite a while now, so I’ve already tried a lot of Cebuano foods. From common foods to specialties, I came up with a “favorites list”, and by favorites, they’re the brands that immediately come to mind when I’m craving.

For my first food (review) blog post, I’m writing about this special chicharon from Wena’s.


I first came to try it last year in September when a roommate of mine brought some to sell to her friends and classmates and since then, it has been my favorite. She brought again yesterday and I couldn’t be happier as I’d been craving for it for some time.

Her aunt’s family who live in the city of Carcar, a home to the tastiest chicharon and lechon in the province, makes and sells them and it’s been their business. My roommate said the pork they use comes from their special source and by the look of it, I guess it’s true. It looks like it’s freshly made and it doesn’t look dull compared to other brands I’ve seen. And of all the chicharons I’ve tried, it’s the saltiest but to me, it’s perfect. It tastes like it had been marinated with some special ingredient. It’s also not oily and though its package isn’t generous, it’s a pretty good deal for its price.


If you didn’t know, chicharon can’t only be paired with vinegar but also with steamed rice. I learned it from my Cebuano colleagues. This kind of chicharon is just like fried liempo although this one has its chicharon nature since it’s dried before it’s fried. It can also be paired with rice porridge. I’ve tried eating it with rice twice, with vinegar and without and both were good. Well, I was amazed with the combo. To be honest, before I came to Cebu, I had never imagined eating chicharon with rice ’cause I had not tried it nor had seen anyone do it. Thanks to Wena’s ’cause if it were not for them, I guess until now, my tongue would still have been innocent. Yeah, I only tried eating chicharon with rice after I came to know Wena’s. I just couldn’t trust the other brands to taste good with it. Anyway, I’m thinking of trying it with steamed banana (saba) as I guess it’ll taste good, what do you think?

For its price, it’s 35 Php for 1 pack and is 5 Php off for 3 packs. In case you’re wondering if they have chicharon that’s only skin, unfortunately, they don’t, and I still haven’t tried any that I could recommend.

Nonetheless, that’s it for my first food review. I hope you guys liked it. For orders, you may contact these numbers 0917 308 3420 / 487 – 8023.

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