Backyard view.

Hi there! 2018, it is! And so it’s my first post for the year and I’m starting off with a photoblog. I remembered I haven’t posted lately under this category, so here, I’m throwing one that  I took and posted on my instagram today just because I find it nice.

I only used 2 filters to come up with this result, and these are Lo-fi and Lux. I first set it to the Lo-fi effect, and then I made it brighter with Lux.

I usually use not more than 2 filters in editing my photos because to me it’s such a hassle to balance and I’m worried I might just spoil their clarity and quality if I use more.

So this first’s the photo. This view is what always welcomes me every time I go down the stairs and stand at the facade of the 2nd floor of the bldg where my dorm (named Queen’s Dorm) is. In case you’re wondering why there are a lot of vehicles in the area, it is a parking lot and is named Express Parking. The tower behind is  GV Hotel Cebu (left) while the other bldg that’s rectangular is a pension house / apartment bldg.



.. This is its raw version.


As you can see, without the filters, the photo could/ would have looked dull. Thanks to IG filters! lol

By the way, I’m using my Samsung J1 2016 phone as my camera. Not bad, is it? 😁

Anyway, let me know what you think in the comment. Thank you! ❤

6 thoughts on “Backyard view.

      1. Salamat din sa suggeations. 😊

        Ayy! Thanks, my audience na ako. Lol. And yes, I will. It’s one of the things I like to do, although nakakafrustrate minsan kung hindi maganda yung kuha. 😁


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