That Night

That moment I saw you and our eyes first met, it seemed like the clock stopped ticking for a second. I found my mouth ajar. You had me in awe of you. You looked like those men I would usually see on TV, intimidating and manly. The way you talked, you just sounded smart and cool. I remember when I confessed that I didn’t really know your name the whole time we had been exchanging messages until earlier then when you called and said “hello, it’s ______, you know me, right?”. You stood up after hearing that and pretended to leave, which had both of us laughing. We talked about things and then out of nowhere, I said you look different from your fb pictures which you disagreed and then you started to like take off your singlet which made my face red. I protested “no, you don’t have to” while I was pretending to cover my face, and then I stammered that someone might report us, which you misheard as deport and then you asked “who would deport me?” which had me laughing while deep inside me, I had that “kilig” feeling. In my mind, “gosh, I could have seen your abs, yet you’ll see my face red (when you actually could not) which I really would feel embarrased for, but damn.. “.

Then time came you had to bid good bye. You asked if I could give you a hug, but I said not where we were because I was shy. You walked me to the circle and then you hugged and lifted me up without informing me, which made me scream “ehh” like protesting to put me down when really, I was feeling some mixed emotions then, of which 70% was kilig.

It’s been 13 months since that night when we first met. It was the only 30 minutes that changed my love life yet, although not in a way that anyone who may be able to read this will probably expect, but in a way they’ll probably feel sorry for me for. But it’s okay. I am just here. I’ll continue to wait until someone else comes and takes the place which you don’t want to take. ๐Ÿ˜ข

Photo credits to:ย

Lazada Philippines

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