What Depression Taught Me

*September, the suicide awareness month, has just ended, but it’s better late than never. Here’s what I can say as someone who has been there.

At some point in our lives, we tend to get confused and become uncertain of the things around us. We get tired of doing the same routine everyday. We get bored of the drama and the struggles. Nothing excites us anymore, and the list goes on. And then we ask ourselves, “Should I just quit and find another? Or I should just stay and see where it’ll go?” Questions just pop up whenever they like, as if they have their own mind.

Some times, we just feel like we are not good enough so we want to leave, because if we were going to succeed, it could take us forever. Or we are just completely exhausted but we are stuck, because our choices are limited, we are unsure of where to go. Other times, we totally have nothing but then opportunities are nowhere near. Nonetheless, if you tell other people about it, chances are most of them won’t understand. They would say it’s actually a small problem, and you’re just making it complicated. So you overthink, or get depressed. You become a bothered person.

As you can see, not all can relate. It depends on the status and perhaps on the stage they are at in their lives, as well. But anyway, we all have got a life, although no man is an island. We all have our shares of worries though they are of different degrees. We all have goals to achieve, and things to do, so relying on others is sort of an unappropriate approach sometimes, but don’t get me wrong, opening up to others is one good remedy. Just do not expect much. We are still the ones who can help ourselves the most, and we can by being optimistic, organizing our thoughts, believing in ourselves and putting in effort. To the ones of whom in life, everything is in place, though, be kind enough, and have a heart that cares and ears that listen. Depression doesn’t always have a face, nor a voice.

4 thoughts on “What Depression Taught Me

  1. The dynamics of depression is complex. It is hard to understand and it leaves you really confused it happens to you in the first place.

    “Help me,” is always a good response when you can longer bear the pain. Help is available and hope is not dead.

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    1. But sometimes people can leave you no choice but to not really rely on help. I guess I say this because I’m coming from my experiences. I had to be strong because even my own family couldn’t help me.


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