College Diploma

I would like to have it not because my life depends on it.  I’m pretty sure I can still get opportunities that don’t require it, or I can just create opportunities for myself. I want to have it because despite having a job and earning,  I still feel like I’m missing something big in my life. I feel so incomplete.

I want it just for the sake of having it and not feeling like I’ve moved to high school without finishing elementary even though it’s a different case. Of course I can’t compare having a job without finishing college to moving to high school without finishing elementary school since they’re two completely different things. But do you see how I feel? Okay, if not, how about those people who have almost everything in life except love life? I know some female celebrities on Philippine TV who are wealthy, famous, talented, blessed with good people in their lives, can travel in and out of the country anytime they want, and possess those things that most normal people will always wish to have, but then still feel incomplete just because they’re single or unmarried or they can’t seem to find luck in love.  And although my being an undergraduate isn’t the same case like these celebrities, but you can imagine that feeling I’m referring to, right?

I really don’t care much about the wide range of better opportunities that this diploma can give me for those reasons I’ve mentioned above. I also don’t care if my batch mates and those behind us in elementary, high school and college have graduated already. I really just want to have it just to have it.


*The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) in the Philippines has this new policy that by June 2018, if the college undergraduates or the high school graduates aren’t enrolled, they’ll have to go back to senior high school (which is 2 years) the next time they enroll. In my case, I stopped college on the last month (March) in the 2nd sem of my 3rd year in my course. It was 2013 and since then I haven’t been back to school. It’s been 4 years already but so far, I have gotten 3 ESL teaching opportunities already including my present despite not having a degree (and in most cases, I’m one of the few undergraduate employees).

Given this rule, I should have enrolled myself for this sem (June to October) so I won’t have to go back to senior high school, but then circumstances can’t allow, or at least I’m afraid I might have to stop in the middle because I don’t have enough fund, and my situation isn’t stable. So supposedly my only remaining chance is the next sem (Nov to March). *sighs*

I’m not sure how i can make it but I really have to find a way so I can finally enroll this November. Oh I hope God will help me and everyone else who has the same problem.

7 thoughts on “College Diploma

    1. I will try to get a stable job which I can do part-time so I can finally go back to college while I work and earn. I just hope that if I get to do so, my body will survive doing 2 things at a time. Thank you for the advice! 🙂


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