Being Public But Private At The Same Time

I sometimes find it hard to be public but private at the same time. I mean, I know that’s how we all should be, public but also private, but I also think it depends on which aspect of our lives. Personally, I like being public but private at the same time, because to me, it’s best to keep some things to ourselves, however there are just some things I really wish I could just talk about publicly , or write about and post online even when no one else might care to read, because I’m already sick and tired of keeping them all to myself. For a change, I’d like to have them all written even when no one else might care or bother. I feel it’s about time I let go of them.  But do you know that feeling when you want to express your thoughts on something but you have to consider who may be able to hear or read because some changes may happen? This is why I find it hard to be public yet private at the same time, at times. You are at a point where in you’d like to finally let go of the bad thoughts or grudges that have been consuming you. You want to be more public about them but then you’re restricted. Can you imagine how hard it is to hold yourself back from doing what could finally set you free? It’s frustrating. Just thinking about how people are going to react or change already frustrates you, let alone when you’ve spoken or written about them and they’ve learned about it. Moreover, there may be times when you feel like talking to other people without you needing them to do anything but only listen, but then since you have to keep some stuff private,you need to make a short yet comprehensible story, because it would be better if they just figure things out themselves, than tell them directly, so it wouldn’t look like you actually said them. But who loves going through that kind of pain? I don’t. Indeed, it’s still best when you could just expose everything and not have to hide some things especially when they kind of bother you. How I wish.

4 thoughts on “Being Public But Private At The Same Time

    1. I’m actually thinking of that. Actually there’s already one person that I believe I can trust regarding with these stuff. He’s the same guy I’m referring on the latest post, but he seems busy I’m skeptical about approaching him. I hope he’ll talk to me soon without me initiating.

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