On A Tight Budget

When it’s summer and most photos that appear on your social media newsfeeds make you want to be at some relaxing, awesome and picturesque places, but then you need to work for your needs, which by the way don’t include getaways simply because your salary is only enough for your basic needs and bills – rent, transportation, food and perhaps clothing. Can you relate to this? Can you imagine how I feel? Perhaps some of you can relate to the can’t-go-because-have-to-work part, but not to the no-budget-for-vacation part. I know some people who get paid big but still can’t travel because they’re tied up at work. I also know some who can travel and not worry about work yet don’t have budget. It’s one or the other when you have a job you’re committed to, but that’s life. Anyway, I’m sure not all of us are working 7 days a week. I have one day off at work. And I’ll start making the most of my days off starting this coming Sunday. I’ll explore Cebu more while trying to spend less as like I said I don’t have budget. 😀 I soooooo can’t wait! ♥

How about you guys? Are you able to travel or go on a vacation without having to worry about work or budget?


Photo credits to my friend Thessalonia —  https://www.instagram.com/thessaniel/ ♥

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