Finally, somebody has said it ..

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I have pressed the backspace thrice already, wondering what to write about. I won’t anymore.
Out of every key in a keyboard, a backspace is probably the most powerful one. How many times have you written what you should have and then used backspace to erase it all? How many times has your emotional outburst hidden behind the backspace? How many confessions does your backspace know of? How many protests has the backspace subdued?

Don’t you think its time to give backspace some rest?
Don’t you think its time to stop regretting?
Don’t you think its time to own up to what you feel?

Be it claiming your rights or protesting against a sexist colleague, be it confessing your love or apologizing for your mistake, be it telling your best friend they are wrong or admitting your enemy is right, be it finally complaining to the police about the abuses…

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